"We will probably be judged not by the monuments we build but by those we have destroyed."

- Ada Louise Huxtable

"Long ago as nomadic peoples, we saw time in cycles of sun and season. Then in the city, as we experienced time from a fixed point — it became a line, forever behind us. This line is all we have. It is our art, our culture, our every cause and our every effect. The only certainty we take with us as we move ever forward is that, in time, all this will fade into the distance as ruins over the horizon. Can you truly blame those who would stand still in defiance, or those who — knowing full well the futility of holding onto that which is just dust, run?" 

- Eva Salandré, Foreword to the First Edition - Children of Rust: A History by Eugénie Faure (1920)

To Burn in Memory, an ahistorical and atemporal Interactive Fiction work for IFComp 2015. Explore a city that never existed, and uncover its secret history through the memories of a woman that lived its darkest moments.

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