Hunting Anubis is a single/multiplayer combat flight sim focusing on near future drone warfare. Currently in a closed Beta period. Dogfight enemies fully autonomous or remotely manned in the endless fight for the skies of the 21st century. 

Many features are planned and in production for Anubis, and new Beta builds will be uploaded monthly. Currently On Ice.

-> Controls :: W and S for Throttle, A and D to roll. Mouse to turn. V switches view mode. T to chat.Mouseclick to fill your enemies with lead. '!' on radar targets mean that the other player is picking you up on radar, flying low and cutting engines can help you evade cover. Triangles indicate the position of allies.

-> Hosting :: This is a multiplayer game, so you might need grab a few friends if you want to play and no one is in game. Alternatively you can simply play with bots (They spawn automatically on host). 

The hosting system should work on almost all network setups and is extremely simple to use, simply click the host button and wait for players to turn up. If you wish to join a game, simply press connect. To see players currently connected along with the leaderboard, press Tab

-> Engines :: The engine heat system works like this: holding down W will boost your engine power by up to 25%, but the longer you do this the more heat will accumulate (Left gauge). When heat hits 100% your engine will no longer let you boost until it cools down. I may change this to more harsh penalty (Engine shutdown) later, so be wary!

-> Hacking :: When an enemy's radar signature enters within assault range (You'll notice target leading is active and the lines are doubled), you can attempt to hack their aircraft. To do this, hold Right Clickwhile maintaining visual contact and keeping their signature within assault range (Keep close and try to keep them from flying low enough to scramble your radar). If your hack is successful, their aircraft will become unresponsive for 4 seconds.

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Tips: Your weapon is more accurate in short bursts, and will overheat if you don't give it time to cool down. Flying low and cutting thrust will make you invisible to radar cover, just be wary of stalls.

-> Orihaus :: Design, Code, Modeling, Graphics, Environments.
-> Lhasa Mencur :: Music, Audio.
-> Aliceffekt :: Additional Modeling and Map Design.
-> Henk Boom and Renaud Bédard :: Waiting For Horus base Code.
-> XRA :: Shader assistance and inspiration.