'For Each Our Roads of Winter' is an episodic first-person perspective exploration game, in which you will uncover the secrets of a past that never was.

From the developer of 'Hunting Anubis', 'Xaxi ' and the Ludum Dare winning 'Lumiere'; inspired by the disparate worlds of Cyan Worlds ('Myst', 'Riven'), Ice Pick Lodge ('Pathologic', 'The Void'), Piranesi, Étienne-Louis Boullée, Borges, and featuring a unique real-time photorealistic visual style powered by Unreal Engine 4, combining elements from both modern photography and the works of antiquity.

  • > To be available for PC, Mac and Linux
  • > Price and Release Date to be announced when ready! 
  • > Currently On Ice.

Development LogHere | Additional high-resolution images (Available for Press use)Here.
A taste of the narrative: Here | My musical soundscape that I'll be putting to work for this project: Here.


  • Orihaus :: Design, Code, Writing, Modeling, Graphics, Environments | Based in New Zealand
  • threeWiseMen - Johannes Poell :: Graphic Design | Based in Austria
  • > Additional Thanks to: Tumult for UE4 support.