Materials, textures, substances—all elements working towards a final goal: convincing and richly detailed surfaces for your environment. The Procedural Surface Toolkit is a replacement for the traditional paradigm of authoring surfaces outside Unreal Engine, simply provide the geometry and let this toolkit handle the rest. Let the toolkit paint your world for you; dirt, snow, rust, moss and decay all placed in real-time, reacting to the environment around them.

Included are three fully realized environments for study or use: a scorching African Desert, a decaying World War 2-era factory and a frozen polar island. These should also give you an idea of the breadth of content you can create with the Toolkit, and the different approaches used to solve each distinct surface.

Price: $29.99 USD
> Hold on, going live on July 6th!

- Environment aware layering for decay, rust or any other material transition with support for pre-baked normal, occlusion maps and precomputed or handpainted vertex color occlusion.
- All layering built with heightmap based blending in mind, with per layer support for either stand alone height textures or height packaged in diffuse alpha channels.
- Dedicated landscape material base with support for up to 7 unique layers.
- Online documentation can be found: Here.
- A bonus multi-sample fringe post-processing effect, as seen in video.
- Seven basic texture sets with normal, diffuse and height maps.
- Includes showcase environment seen in video.

Technical Details:
- PBR: Yes
- Texture Size: All 4096x4096
- Number of Meshes: 3 example meshes, 1 landscape
Number of Materials: 3 base materials(Landscape, static mesh and opaque liquid), 9 Example Instances(Iron, brass, rock, tundra, sea all with optional wet, snow or ice layers), 9 material functions and 1 multi-sampled fringe post-processing effect

- Number of Textures: 7 basic materials with normal, diffuse, height maps, 2 multipurpose three-channeled mask textures, 7 example occlusion textures, 1 baked normal texture example, 2 landscape three-channeled mask textures, 1 LUT